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Hi, I’m Angela Crickmore, a fitness and lifestyle advisor who would like to share with you my tips for attaining your ideal body. In just eight months, I completely transformed my body the healthy way.

No surgical treatments, no medical remedies. Just a big dose of dedication and a huge determination to live a healthier lifestyle. Here on, I will accompany you on your own journey to a healthier life, sharing with you my training routine, diet information and general tips for a healthier lifestyle. Are you ready to transform your life? Then let’s go together!

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Shape up and slim down in the comfort of your home

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Healthy Lifestyle

With dedication to my healthy diet and fitness regime, you too can achieve your personal best, both mentally and physically.


My Story

I think I am a lot like you. I am a single mother, working full time over 35 years old. Once I was married and started to lead a comfortable life. I came to the UK 13 years ago and due to a lack of self-esteem and confidence I gained a lot of weight, you can see just what I look like in my photo gallery.

One day I woke up and decided to turn it all around, I got my life back on track and now have become an inspiration to others. I specialise in healthy lifestyle, weight loss, functional body weight training and simple easy nutrition.

Daily, I will coach, motivate and empower others to turn their excuses into solutions and achieve their own personal goals. Working out does so many amazing things for us but NUTRITION is the engine room of our hard work and that is what most people don’t see! So I am here to help.

So I decided to create a website where I will use my story and experiences to help people to achieve their life goals through changing their mind set, drive, fitness and nutrition.



I arrived in the UK, started to work and stopped living a healthy life that I did have in Brazil, stopped living a healthy life that I did have in Brazil. I was not exercising and I was eating lots of unhealthy fast food whenever I fancied it.

Soon I was married and was concentrating on taking care of my son, husband and my work and forgetting about taking care of me. Slowly I started to put weight on, by the time I realised, I was overweight. In nine months I gained 35 kilograms, I couldn't see any way out of my dilemma with my weight, I was unable to find the motivation to change this. I was happy I had my beautiful son and a husband who loved me just the way I was.

Deep inside I was not happy with myself. In 2011 I started looking for a diet that could help me lose my extra weight. It was then that I came across an article that suggested eating something every three hours. The next day I started the diet, but this time I was really focused and committed to improving my life.

  • That is where it all started...

End of 2011

I put everything I knew into play- from goal setting, to vision boards, to eating unprocessed foods, positive thinking and getting negatives OUT of my life. I did NOT starve myself. I didn’t try any fad “quick fixes”, I didn’t do dangerous diet pills and I didn’t do unhealthy calorie restriction. After 8 months I turned things around and lost 35 Kilos.
  • No ``quick fixes``.


I decided to join my local gym. Growing up in Brazil I started doing weight lifting at the age of 16 years old so I had good basic knowledge. Your muscles have memory it is one of the reasons I have managed to get the shape I have today.


The equipment is one of the gym’s biggest advantages. They are packed full of machines designed to exercise every part of your body. Whether you are a complete novice, or a professional bodybuilder, there is a machine to suit you and help you sculpt your body.

The environment makes you focus on your routines. You could still have a pretty intense workout in half an hour and be on your way home (or to work).

  • Gym & intense workouts.


My body transformation progressed slowly, I started to get closer to my dream body.
  • Dream body.


After 2 years I could see a huge difference from when I started. I was very happy with my body sculpting and still very committed to achieving my dream body.
  • Commitment & happiness.


Happy and confident like never before, the best year of my life, the happiest I have ever been with myself and very close to achieving my goals.
  • Achievement & confidence.
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With dedication to my healthy diet and fitness regime, you too can achieve your personal best, both mentally and physically.


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