In my quest for anti-ageing I discovered a celebrity beauty secret, Skinbreeze and this is a ‘must-have’ facial treatment to try. The Skinbreeze Skin Rejuvenation treatment itself combines the five technologies of LED light therapy, Orbital microdermabrasion skin resurfacing, o2 infusion and o3 Ozone therapy into a single multifunctional treatment that is suitable for ageing and dehydration skin.
I recently had the Skinbreeze bespoke treatment at The Salon in London Bridge at Hay’s Galleria and during my consultation with my therapist Ana I described my skin concerns. Ana made me feel comfortable in the treatment room and gently cleansed and toned my face using Dermalogica skincare products before launching the Skinbreeze.




Ana was very clear in explaining how the Skinbreeze system works and how unique Orbital Microdermabrasion is for skin. The crystal-free microdermabrasion technology of the Skinbreeze system gently removes the superficial layers of skin, clearing it of imperfections and impurities and leaving dull complexions bright, clean, smoother, fresher and more radiant. LED Light Therapy red and blue light therapy is incorporated into the facial to help to boost collagen, calm the skin during the microdermabrasion stage, neutralising bacteria and increasing circulation and skin cell renewal. The therapeutic properties of both lights reduce redness in order to help tackle congested skin.

Ana then introduces o3 Ozone Therapy a combination of thermal energy and oxygen enriched Ozone that has a dual action on the skin. It helps to firm and tighten the skin, reducing enlarged pores and stimulates tissue healing. Ana worked all over my face and spent extra time on eye lifting. You can feel this part of the treatment working and there is a warm sensation on the skin and you can smell the Ozone. This stage causes the collagen and elastin fibres to shrink which produces a skin tightening effect. During this part of the facial treatment o2 infusion bursts of air help to drive specially formulated Skinbreeze skincare serums that contain hyaluronic acid are gently pushed deep into the lower layers of skin. This non-invasive step enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients which rehydrates the skin, plumps and smoothes lines and wrinkles and provides a painless, needle-free alternative to dermal fillers.



Towards the end of the Skinbreeze facial the Hydro Mask a cooling hyaluronic acid and collagen gel mask is applied to my face. LED light therapy is reintroduced to massage over the mask and has a soothing and calming action that immediately replenishes dehydrated and sun damaged skin helping to smooth and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Ana finishes with the o2 Spray, a fine mist that is sprayed over the entire face which gently refreshes and calms skin. The o2 Spray intensively hydrates and replenishes skin moisture levels after orbital microdermabrasion.


After having Skinbreeze my skin looked amazing and rejuvenated and much more youthful and that was just after having one Skinbreeze session. Three days have passed and my skin still looks radiant! I’m hooked and will definitely be introducing the facial into my beauty regime.


Try the Skinbreeze Anti-Ageing 90 minute facial at £90 The Salon Hay’s Galleria, Tooley Street, London SE1 2QJ