Hello boys and girls, how are you doing?! Hope you are doing AMAZINGLY well! So, here is Joana again and this last Sunday I went to one of my favourite areas in the UK and I want to share with you guys my personal experiences. If you like Vintage shops, clothes or simply the “style” as I do you will AB-SO-LU-TE-LY loooove Portobello Road!

To begin with, there is a super nice store called “Retro Woman”, where you can find everything from brands we love like Chanel, Prada, Burberry, Louboutins shoes and Valentino’s for a good price and in very good condition! Follow some of my spots at this store:



IMG_8934 IMG_8860

So basically you can find everything and also downstairs you have a “bargain area” with brands like Ralph Lauren, Karen Miller, Michael Kors. If you have some items you don’t use anymore they buy or trade from you – you just need to go downstairs and talk to the lovely Italian girl that is always there to help you!


Walking from there to the Portobello Market I found another very busy store for accessories, called “Hirst Antiques”. This is THE paradise for Vintage addicts because of the enormous variety of things, ranging from fine vintage jewelry to plastic bling-blings. You just have to find some time and patience to “go for it”! It’s a very enjoyable experience going in the store and seeing everything (at list “everything” you can)…

IMG_8897 IMG_8894IMG_8891 IMG_8893

Continuing the walk you will see loads of vintage furniture being sold because on Sunday is officially the “Vintage day” and there are some independent outdoor stalls in the middle of the street selling cutlery, old cameras, classic books and rare jewelry like vintage diamond rings from Victorian Era (I had to get one of this because of my obsession for diamonds and history) everything very well priced so there so no need to feel guilty at all!


There is another store worth mentioning, which is the “Goldsmith Vintage”. This one is really for Vintage lovers and eccentric people, not brands items but veeeery fashionable things that you would never find in a regular shop. Loved it!



To finish in high style the most famous and admirable store for Vintage clothes and accessories all over the UK is this one: “One of a kind” – that’s really one of a kind when it comes to vintage. The clothes are organized by tags because they also do fashion exhibitions at the main museums.  Also whenever you go to the store you don’t waste your precious time because you will be able to know exactly where the century style you are looking for is.  One more interesting curiosity about this fabulous store is the fact that celebrities such as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Fashion Designers such as Jean Paul Gautier and Tom Ford are regulars there, either dropping fashion icons or just visiting the very eccentric owner Jeff. He is “one of a kind” and when I was passing through he was just being photographed in front of the store with a not obvious costume maybe for some fashionable magazine.

IMG_8908IMG_8905IMG_8909 IMG_8913

Continuing at the amazing store the thing I liked most is the variety of nice and selected items you can find. I would suggest if you want a very rare fashion unicorn you should definitely go there and you would probably find it! Also if you don’t have time just go online because they ship worldwide now! Well done!!! That means you can have a Vintage Chanel bag from 18 century whenever you are in the world! This is my favourite spot and I had the pleasure of meeting the very lovely model  @missjosephine who is part of the exotic and not conventional team.


So guys, I really hope you appreciated my experiences and if you are in the UK don’t miss the opportunity to go to the amazing Vintage hot spots I mentioned in this post.

If you want to be more close to me and my going around and fashion spying just follow me on SnapChat: casadajoana I am always there updating! See you soon and stay GORGEOUS!


Xoxo bisous beijinhos