Look at me, you see no more tears, you only see joy,

You see no more pain, but the effort was insane,

You see no more doubts and fears, only commitment and motivation, perseverance to see it through, don’t slow down, just up your gears, face yourself, face your demons, your change is up to you…

Set your mind, set your heart, set your plan, change your inner self, reflect the inside on the outside, turn your shame into pride, run, diet, exercise, do not hide…..

Choose to change your choices, to become who you really are, you need to let go of your old self , you are important, respect yourself, project what you see of yourself, look in the mirror and start reflecting want you admire, transformation is the continuation of dedication and sacrifices, do not leave that change to luck, work out and stop rolling those dices, so change your days, change your night, change your life, embrace your sacrifices….

Nothing will happen without a change, so change your conduct, change your bad habits, change your attitude and behaviour, change to love, love yourself, let the hard work becomes your lifestyle, without a change nothing becomes different, you are that change, look at life at long distance, change your range, it is not going to be easy, but do not give up, bend or bow, no more excuses, thinking how, just decide, decide to change and change to start now!…


By Poeta: Carlos Azevedo

Dedicated to and Inspired by Angela Crickmore 

June 22nd, 2015