Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipe | Healthy Lunch & Dessert Idea


Our Vegetarian meal prep recipe is great for both veggies and meat eaters with macros sporting a friendly 30g of carbs, 40g protein and 11g fats.

Bonus: That’s including a low-sugar dessert!


Box 1:

– 2 Handfuls of Mixed Salad

– Pickled Silverskin Onions, 12.5 g (drained)

– Quorn – Chicken Style Pieces 50 g

– 5 Green Olives

– 3 Boiled Eggs White

– 25g Raw Carrots, raw

Box 2:

– 170g Total 0% Fat Yogurt

– 10g Myprotein – Rolled Oats

– 40g Fresh Blueberries

– 6g Chia seeds

– 4g Organic Coco Nibs

Myprotein Zero Sugar MYSYRUP


1) Cook your quorn according to packet and boil a couple of eggs.

2) Chop up your carrots whilst waiting – or use prepared carrot sticks for ease.

3) Once everything is cooled, pack all ingredients into the relevant Tupperware box.



Calories – 370

Protein – 40g

Fat – 11g

Carbs – 30g

Sugar – 12g