These are some of the most recent success stories reported back to Angela Crickmore. They all followed the tips and diets proposed by the AC Body Transformation program and achieved great results.

Name: Ivon Carolina Martinez
Nationality: Colombian
Age: 24
Instagram: ivonnemartinez1

I started 2 years ago, from 2013 to 2015, I lost 37 pounds, my life was about partying, eating junk food and sleeping. My liver and my stomach was not in a good condition, I was sick and lazy most of the time.

For my whole life, i received negative feedback about my body and I had a low-self esteem. One day, I was feeling so bad that I decided to change my life and start going to the gym.

I had to change all my food and my thoughts . Living in the USA was a hard challenge for me, food and alcohol everywhere; but once you know what you really want in your life, there’s no excuses to make it.

Now, in 2015, people are complement about my new physique, they don’t believe that you can make it; but you just need to convince yourself. Im so happy right now.

I have a high-self esteem and I’m feeling excellent, I have too much energy, I feel that I just want to explore the world, and I know that there’s someone somewhere that might be feel inspired with my story. 

Name: Andy Kemp
Nationality: English
Age: 28
Instagram: n/a

I’m Andy Kemp, im 28, single (divorced) and Living in Qatar – Middle East. Im a Quality, Health, Safety & Environment manager for a reputable Oil & Gas technical inspection service company. Peoples health and safety is my responsibility, that includes my own health & well being!

15 years ago i was a chubby young teen whom felt insecure, unattractive and out of place in the outside world, particularly around girls i liked! I never got to enjoy the outside world the way we should, like days at the beach, or pool, or on holidays, because of my appearance being ‘over weight’. That took its toll on me and crushed my confidence in life and left me a single fairly lonely young guy. many years passed being that same chubby guy, fluctuating in weight and size.

2014 was when i had enough of the past and doubtful future, and decided to make a significant change!. After relevant experiences in life with a former marriage creating legal issues and distant restriction between me and my 2 year old daughter, i had got into depression and at some stage suicidal. From this period of serious downfall, i promised to make a change for good and never allow myself to be taken down the dark road ever again.

July 2014, 1 year after my daughter was born, i visited a spiritual master for a few weeks consistently whom taught me some vital life tactics for the situation i was in, such as meditation, forgiving the past, and embracing the future with an open mind body and soul. i started a new job in September 2014 (after being out of work for 12 months due to depression), and from the moment i started that new work was the moment i finally knew what i was going to do, everything i never done; Workout, train, exercise, diet, lose weight, change my life, change my future!.   many months later, i am a completely different man living a much happier, healthier and much more motivated life, with confidence, likability, able to be outside and enjoy my surroundings and people with no fear or thought of judgement, and a significant change in my communication skills too!. Positive mentality came natural with the routine change and motivation to change my life. 

I vow to never back down to my goals and never let the world or people around me belittle me in my life and set goals. My achievements benefit me, and not the critics. Someone once said to me ‘if you change yourself to a point where the critic can no longer criticize, then you are on the road to excellence and have achieved your goals’. My goal is still to be achieved and i’ll be sure to achieve it in 2016 with the determination and passion for being a better person in every way that benefits me and my life.

Don’t let anyone, anything or any situation stop you in your tracks, Remember one thing that is for your benefit; We all get knocked down in life, what matters the most is how we get back up.  Aspirations, determination & Milestones.

Positive energy is one of the keys to motivation and making your dreams come true.

Name: Kc Short
Nationality: English

My name is KC SHORT I have lost a total 35 pounds in a month.

I have used the combination of fasted cardio and strength training and the ABs workouts you showed me on your page. Thank you very much!

Name: Chris
Nationality: English

My name is Chris, I was over 350 pounds and had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and on the verge of type B diabetes. Now after eating right, and exercising 4 times a week I’m down to 227.

If You are inspired by Angela's lifestyle and transformation and want to share your story to motivate others, please contact us and we will be happy to share.

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